Parent Testimonials

"Phenomenal school with amazing teachers. We've had children at both Sunrise campuses from preschool through 4th grade, and we've never been disappointed about the choice. Your child will blossom through Montessori style instruction, and from an environment of peers that genuinely love working with each other to learn. We've frequently been amazed at how far our children have advanced compared to friends and family kids who run through even the best public schools and alternative charter schools. If you want to invest in your kids' future...this is the place to start...with a beginning to their academics. -Proud Sunrise Montessori Parent since 2015" - Jeff M.

"I love Sunrise Montessori! I have had both of my children attend. My favorite part is the love the children feel while they're at school. They learn to be responsible humans and have compassion. They learn to help each other and problem solve. The lessons taught at Sunrise go so far beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic" - Myranda S.

My daughter and son both attend Sunrise Montessori School. They have for years, and I can't imagine it any other way. The amazing teachers and staff have become friends and in some cases, almost like family to us. They go above and beyond every day to make my kids feel inspired, deeply care for, and independent. 

I also love the partnership that my husband and I have with the teachers at Sunrise. WEe truly feel like we are all a team, helping out little ones to flourish together. I highly recommend this amazing school. I honestly can't ask for a better place to education,  nuture, and prepare my kids for being successful in their world." - Laura C.

"We have 3 kids. Our oldest is 8, our middle is 7, and our youngest is 3. We have been sending our kids to Sunrise Montessori (South Campus) since our oldest was 3. The place and the people inside of it, are family. I know when our kids are there, they're learning, having fun, and receiving the best care. I always recommend friends and family to Sunrise Montessori and will continue to do so for years to come. We are so thankful andhappy we stumbled upon this amazing school back in 2016. Our lives wouldn't be the same without it!" - Stormie & Michael L.

My boys love this school, their teachers and the learning activities. 
I'm thankful that this Montessori school is only about 3 minutes from my residence.
This location is inside of a church, but there's nothing wrong with that, I don't personally go to this church and I am still happy to send my boys to this school. 
This north campus goes up to 6th grade. My boys are going to be in the preschool/kindergarten class together this year. I may or may not add my youngest to the toddler class this year. I'm still deciding on that. But I know the sooner the better for them. :)
My two boys went last year and it was their first year. It was great to see my now 4 year old mature more throughout the year, it's been great to watch. He loves his teachers and they are extremely patient. My boys are very busy busy boys and can know how to push patience, so I thank the teachers for really getting down to their level and helping them flourish. 
I'm excited to see how this year will be for both of them. I highly recommend this school.

~ Corrie G.

"Thank you for the way you loved on my family this past summer. We will never forget it." ~ Kristi V.

My son has been at Sunrise since kindergarten and, as he enters 4th grade, we couldn't be happier with the education he's received and personal growth he's made in the Montessori environment. The staff facilitates a student-driven environment and cultivates a passion for learning. The kids are empowered and supportive of one another, bullying is non-existent, and consideration for individual differences is modeled for students in every aspect of their learning. The families at Sunrise have become an extension of our own family. I highly recommend Sunrise and wish there was a equivalent 7-12 grade option nearby! ~ Staci M.

​"Love, love, love Sunrise Montessori. They teach, inspire, challenge, and love every child. The work and time that they have put into my son is amazing. It gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears when I look at my sons journey! The staff, the school families, the relationships that the children develop is indescribable. What the world needs now is more Sunrise Montessori." ~ La Shawn H.

"I have been a member of the Sunrise Montessori School community since 2001. Both of my daughters (now 23 and 17) attended Sunrise Montessori from toddler through the 6th grade. I am so grateful that I found this school and this community for my children and my family. My girls no longer attend, as they have both graduated, but I am still here working because I love the school and the principles it teaches to children around the valley so much! Thank you Sunrise Montessori School!" -Tracie P.